Is car insurance available for just one day? Yes, absolutely, and it's quick and easy to buy too. You can get a quote online within just a minute or so and provided that you know the registration details of the vehicle you want to insure (whether you own it or not) you could apply for a policy and, all being well, have it set up and be covered for driving within a couple of minutes more. You're not limited to just a single day's cover either; policies can be purchased for any period between just 1 day and 28, with fully comprehensive cover for driving in the UK, optional roadside assistance, and optional EU cover too. Applications are accepted from drivers over the age of 18 up to 75 maximum and there are even schemes for learners, too.

There are of course the usual conditions. For example; the car you want to insure must be UK purchased and registered, and it must be one that you either own or are driving with the owner's permission, although cars that are hired are specifically excluded. Naturally it would have to be roadworthy with a current MOT certificate and it must be on the insurance company's approved list; certain rare, esoteric or very expensive vehicles are not accepted. You can use the cover for sharing driving on a long journey, commuting to and from work, holidaying, and other usual uses but you cannot use it for hire or reward, in other words transporting people or goods in exchange for payment (apart from sharing costs, provided that there is no profit motive) and taking the insured vehicle to dangerous areas like cliff tops, petrol refineries, armaments factories etc are similarly excluded; all common sense stuff really. Generally speaking though the majority of motorists with fair driving records and reasonably modern popular cars will have no problem buying one day car insurance. Want to see if you qualify for cover? Click the button right away.


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